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1. MODERN TALKING Atlantis is Calling (S.O.S. for love)
3. VALERIE CLAIRE Shoot me Gino
5. THAI BREAK Flower in the Rain
6. KELLY BROWN Only you can (You Make Me Feel)
7. GIPSY QUEEN Gipsy and Queen
8. SOLID STRANGERMusic in the Night
9. MAGAZINE 60 Rendez Vous La Costa Delsol
10. TRILLON Belgian Girl
11. WO YEH YEH Give this Heart
12. LOS GRACIA Senor Ali Baba
13. ALPHAVILLE Dance with Me (extended dance mix)

From http://soundcloud.com/dj-seelen/dj-seelen-rewind-the-80s

Dj Seelen “Rewind The 80’s Mix” is a quality mix of the hottest 80’s dance music!

Kool & The Gang, Kim Wilde, Londen Beat, Matthew Wilder, Madonna,… all in the mix!

This mix is awesome. Mostly mainstream 80s but mixed very well. All 12” mixes with a steady uplifting beat and very very smooth transitions

Side B from this mixed vinyl, called Heat. Nothing really spectacular on side B. Great mix though, also featuring Talk talk - It’s my life, which I really like

Laid Back - White horse 
Talk Talk - It’s my life 
Joe Jackson - You can’t get you want (till you know what you want) 
Berlin - No more words 
Eddie Grant - Romancing the stone 
Billy Idol - Dancing with myself

This is good! Especially Side A. It features Shannon’s Give me Tonight mixed after/over Ollie & Jerry - Breakin’. It’s a recording from a vinyl I recently bought. Sound’s nice too. Enjoy


Tina Turner - Let’s stay together 
Herbie Hancock - Megamix 
Ollie & Jerry - Breakin’ (There’s no stopping us) 
Shannon - Give me tonight 
Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor!

I just recorded side A from a mixed vinyl,  Foreign Affaire. It mostly has freestyle flavor. Very well mixed.

Hugh Masekela - Don’t go lose it baby 
Fun, Fun - Color my love 
Evelyn Thomas - High Energy 
Miquel Brown - So many men, so little time

1984, M Port Records, JCI-7100

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Nov 9

Well mixed with some good tracks. Nice audio quality too


Nov 9

A Freestyle, Hi-NRG and Breakdance Youtube playlist